Charmaine Bell

Charmaine Bell

With 15 years of Finance knowledge Charmaine Bell is a Senior Mortgage Broker and at the top of her game.  In the top 100 Brokers in Australia, Charmaine continues to strategise and come up with finance solutions other lenders are unable to see.  As a director of Vision Homes Property for 4 years she also has the mind-set of a real estate agent.  Her ‘eagle eye’ in new build floor-plans and female understanding of a functional home means she is just as capable of helping design custom new builds as she is at working out finance solutions.

Whether lending money to buy a house or actually designing your new home, Charmaine can provide invaluable knowledge,information and help.

Don’t hesitate to call Charmaine – she’s a on-stop shop for finance and housing solutions!

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