What We Do

We work for you, the buyer

We will eliminate all the mumble jumble that sales agents will tell you. We get straight to the key points and facts that will save you thousands!

We take the headache away from buying so you can buy with confidence and go to sleep with a smile on your face.

We know the market, We know property and, most importantly, we understand your needs.

We buy the right property, in the right location, at the right PRICE. Saving you time, money and stress!

After all, its what we do all day every day.

How much would you pay in order to save $25,000-50,000 on the purchase price or to end up with a quality home that meets your individual needs and not have to spend every weekend looking at homes and talking to real-estate agents?

Our Full Service provides a complete buying solution. We can recommend where to buy, what type of property to buy and provide due diligence on factors that affect prices in the local market.

Purchasing your own home or investment property is one of biggest financial and emotional decisions that you ever have to make.  There is a lot of money at stake. Properties that look ‘perfect’ on the Internet can be disappointing when inspected. 

It is often difficult to trust real estate agents who are, after all, engaged by the seller and receive a commission when the property sells.  Accepting their advice unchallenged can be misleading. Their objective is to achieve a maximum price for their owner.  Negotiating with a professional agent can be hard work. 

Many have no price or are marketed ‘for auction’ – you never know if you are wasting your time viewing properties that aren’t even in your price range. How can you be sure to prevent this and not to pay too much?

Our expert Buyers agents have access to the right tools and systems to make sure you, the (client) does not pay more than market value and potentially save you thousands on the purchase price

We listen to your needs

All of our property searches are tailored to the individual, so we take the time to listen and determine exactly what you are looking for.

Our Service to you

  • Initial consultation to obtain an understanding of your requirements (including self managed super fund buying and overseas buying)
    Compile your requirments + search + Locate + Evaluate + Recommend + Negotiate + Contract and Secure property + Due Diligence + Liaise + Settlement + Key Hand Over
  • Self managed super fund clients
  • Expat clients and overseas clients (we have easy to use systems to keep us in constant communication  through out this service).
  • Complete suburb analysis (Search and shortlist locations and properties)
  • Option to communicate through skype
  • Extensive market research (Analysis risk, market value and yield on your preferred properties)
  • Present you a detailed inspection report on your selected property including photos of the properties
  • Inspect properties on your behalf. (Video property or facetime while at property inspection)
  • Access to all current listings in the chosen area & silent listings
  • Property price negotiation (Buying through private or auction, we secure our clients the best price and favourable terms)
  • Property investment education (Provide you with comprehensive reports and information to assist you at every stage of the contract).
  • Provide a maintenance report identifying immediate, mid and long term maintenance items on the property in question
  • Current market update
  • Attend Auction (bid with you or on your behalf)
  • Coordination of contract execution
  • Attend Building and Pest inspection (with you or on your behalf)
  • Attend property bank valuation (with you or on your behalf)
  • Attend Pre-settlement inspection (with you or on your behalf)
  • Coordination of necessary support services eg. Solicitor, pest and building inspection, removalists, property management etc.

Get your weekends back?
Have one of our buyer’s agents to help purchase your dream home, save tens of thousands of dollars.
Purchasing property is often the biggest financial decision that people make.  Get it right and there is opportunity to build significant wealth and enjoy new lifestyle opportunities.
Purchase the wrong property or pay too much leads to financial stress that can be difficult to recover from.  It makes sense to seek profession advice and be fully informed before making a decision of this magnitude.