Frequently asked questions

What is included in my agency membership?

Just to Name A few

  • Keep 100% of your commission, Top CRM, Electronic contract signing software, Real Works, Price Finder accounts, Email accounts, Website, Subscription/access to realestate.com.au & domain.com.au, Access to over 147 real estate advertising portals Nationally & Internationally, Part of a team (network of professionals), Property Management support ,Access to immediate stock (house and packages), Referral Commissions, 24/7 support. Vision Homes quarterly networking days. Ability to lease or sell commercial, businesses, residential, Trust accounting software.

Want to find out more, email recruitment@visionhomesqld.com.au

How much is an agency membership?
$495 per month

How Do I pay My Membership?
This is done through the Vision Homes Website under the careers tab

Can I sell Other Vison Homes Members listings?

What is the conjunction rate among Vision Homes Members?
Every member is encouraged to do 50/50 conjunctions with all Visions Homes members.

Will I save by joining Vision Homes Real Estate?

  • This VHRE membership will do what the Uber service has done to the taxi service
  • VHRE membership is a one shop real estate facilitator for the majority of an agency business
  • This Membership allows you to run the majority of your real estate agency for a little more than a cup of coffee and cake a day, once the government requirements have been met.

Am I restricted to a particular area?
No, You can establish your business in any area

How do I access the VHRE membership software?
Once membership payment has been received, you will be provided with a security code to access the VHRE software.

How do I access help?
Help is available 24/7 in the VHRE members section

Can I use VHRE logo?
Yes, you can use VHRE logo or your own logo but with member of VHRE at the bottom or top of it.

Can I use my Company name on VHRE website?
Yes, Please refer to our agency member page under the TEAM Tab on our website

Can I be a Member from any state in Australia?
Yes, But you must have a current license for that state

Can I become a VHRE member from anywhere in Australia? YES

Does VHRE make me attend weekly meetings? NO

Are there any desk duties or fees? NO

Are there any hidden fees? NO

Will I have a lock in contract? NO

Do I keep 100% of my Commission? YES

Can I hire my own team? YES

Can I own my own rent roll at VHRE? YES

Can I sell my membership at any time? YES

If I refer another Agency member to VHRE do I get a referral fee? YES

If I refer clients to a VHRE broker do I get a referral fee? YES

Will I have access to all artwork and marketing materials? YES

Will I have access to a CRM and other software’s? YES

Is there a licensee on hand for help and advice 7 days a week? YES

Will I be given a full induction when I start? YES

Can I work from home? YES

Can I work as much as I like? YES

Can I take a break whenever I like? YES

Can I prospect, list and sell wherever I choose? YES