Why Vision Homes

Why should I become a member of VHRE?

VHRE MEMBERS will benefit by being a member in the following ways:

  • Keep 100% of your commission
  • Pay a small membership fee for the above entitlements which reduces the cost of operating his/ her business
  • No franchise fees
  • No desk fees
  • No farming fees
  • No restriction on where a member can list and sell
  • Ability to work your own hours
  • Ability to try new ideas and not be bound by franchise criteria and fees
  • Ability to retire and sell your business easily
  • Ability to pass on your membership to the new buyer, once accepted by VHRE, of your business
  • Ability to build your own Team without the massive overhead fees
  • Only a small fee to start up your business, once you have paid for the Government requirements.
  • Members working co-operatively with each other to build up your own wealth
  • Access to outside professional advisors
  • Discounted property marketing, including property photographs, signage, use of a variety of web sites and brochures is offered to members
  • Security of dealing with an expanding professional network of real estate agents

Will I save by joining VHRE?

  • This VHRE membership will do what the uber service has done to the taxi service
  • VHRE MEMBERSHIP is a one shop real estate facilitator for the majority of an agency business.
  • Your ongoing/ start-up costs are reduced considerably
  • This membership allows you to run the majority of your real estate agency for a little more than a cup of coffee and cake a day, once the government requirements have been paid
  • More information is located at VHRE members site