Matty Bell
Matty Bell Director of Vision Homes QLD P. 0424730828 M. 0424730828

Matty brings to Vision Homes 20 years of local property knowledge. His father had a real estate agency and it’s easy to see ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’. With an intense passion for all things real estate – Matty Bell understands that first impressions count!

Matty Bell has lived in Brisbane his whole life and has an understanding of market trends and true market value of local properties.
Selling your home should be an exciting and profitable experience. If you are thinking of selling your home, Matty Bell will help you achieve your desired results.

Matty Bell is the answer to all your real estate needs…….

Charmaine Bell
Charmaine Bell Senior Mortgage Broker P. 0412 223 390 M. 0412 223 930

When you’re dealing with Charmaine from Beyond Home Loans, you know you are in great hands. Immediately you are aware that Charmaine is passionate about finance, property and more importantly, education and wealth creation for her clients.

Her extensive experience in the Finance Industry ranging from Financial Markets, Treasury and over 8 years experience as a Mortgage Broker professional, she practices what she preach and in the process, has helped numerous clients achieve home ownership and assisted investors in growing their property portfolio.

Karen Ross
Karen Ross Director Vision Homes Northside P. 0447990101 M. 0447990101

Representing Brisbane homeowners and future homeowners. Karen’s creative, enthusiastic, and caring nature, balanced by her extensive Real Estate experience, is perfect for matching each client’s desires as well as skilfully featuring a home’s unique presence and character.

Karen has a local’s knowledge and a deep understanding of market sentiment within the Brisbane demographic. Being an active member of a number of community sporting and volunteer organisations gives her an appreciation for client’s needs, be it downsizing, investment or first home-buying, all are covered within both her professional and personal experience.

Commercially astute and a results driven sales & marketing property expert, Karen has worked in numerous industries which has given her a well-rounded view of business, but her passion is in Real Estate. She has established a career based on understanding customer values and developing and executing agreed plans based on solutions which provide a successful outcome for all.
Karen’s expertise, in conjunction with the professionalism and vibrancy of Vision Homes QLD provides a compelling reason why you should discuss your property requirements with Karen before you make a decision on buying or selling a property.

If you want the best, talk to the best team in the business and see what they can do for you.

Dixie Morante
Dixie Morante Director Vision Homes - Dixie Morante P. 0401610796 M. 0401610796

Dixie Morante brings to the table extensive sales experience across various different industries. Boasting an extensive network of contacts which she has built up over a long career in customer service and sales, Dixie has the knowledge, skill and database to link her clients with a vast array of contacts and services, making her the ideal agent for your next real estate sale.

Her focus is on new house and land build all over the metropolitan Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Logan and Ipswich areas for the first home buyers as she gets excited being instrumental in someone’s first house purchase.

Her background also features enviable experience in the areas of accounting and business commerce, which adds tremendous depth to her already impressive understanding of the principles of sales and marketing. With a warm, cheerful and friendly personality, Dixie is excited to collaborate her vast skill set into her real estate career as a Director of Vision Homes Dixie Morante.

Call Dixie on 0401 610 796 for assistance with planning your next move.

Loc Truong
Loc Truong Sales Executive Vision Homes QLD P. 0424930155 M. 0424930155

Whether it’s his genuine passion for property, the ability to listen and understand his client’s needs, an impressive attitude to service or the combination of all these skills and ideals, Loc is a valued member of the team at Vision Homes Real Estate and is ready to work for you.

“Providing a pro-active approach and ensuring that my long term clients are informed and kept up to-date with market trends in my patch, whilst always maintaining constant communication with potential buyers and sellers, it’s what I do”.

Loc’s commitment to success and his drive to achieve the best results for his clients is what keeps him passionate and excited about real estate.
“Call me to discuss what I can do for you”

Gavin Bills
Gavin Bills Vision Homes Northside P. 0408210625 M. 0408210625
Duke Castillo
Duke Castillo Development Specialist P. 0433804881 M. 0433804881

Kris has ten (10) years’ experience in the development industry. With a strong background in town planning both in the public and private sector real estate comes second nature. His ability to use his knowledge and expertise of dealing with various Councils, state authorities, developers, and other professionals on larger projects like subdivisions, multi-units, commercial, and industrial developments provides him a cutting edge to his success in the industry.

With a passion for real estate combined with a friendly and approachable nature, good work ethics, sales background, and a wealth of knowledge of the local area, planning matters, and the real estate market provides him with the right calibre to deliver an effective marketing strategy to achieve the best possible price to sell your property.

“I’m happy to go above and beyond to make things happen and achieve a successful outcome for clients. Working with a team who shares the same passion makes it easier to getting the results. We pride ourselves with high customer satisfaction and continue to be driven in building good relationships with each client.”

Kobus Marais
Kobus Marais Sales Executive Vision Homes QLD P. 0429533373 M. 0429533373

Kobus has done international marketing for over 20 years in the mining industry; he also headed the quality control on the mines and shipping of materials to the ports. Working for a big international Mining company and dealing with a vast number of different cultures, has given him the skills to deals with all kind of people in a professional way.

Kobus is a self-driven, ambitious person that knows what peoples wants are and is open and honest in his dealing with clients. The international exposure has given him strict moral and ethical values.

As a real estate consultant, Kobus will always place the client first so they will feel confident to walk the extra mile with him.

Paul Burton
Paul Burton Sales Executive Vision Homes QLD P. 0421730307 M. 0421730307

Real estate runs in Paul Burton’s blood. Selling his first house immediately after getting his license, it’s pretty clear to see that his 10+ years background in sales would assist his career as an agent. His attention to detail and vast knowledge of suburbs on the southside of Brisbane show through from the moment you meet Paul.

Father of two boys and baby girl Lola is the motivation. Put these elements together and you have a patient, articulate & highly motivated agent that will help sell your home for the highest possible price. If you are considering selling your home or even just wanting to know what is happening in your suburb – give Paul a call.

Brij Janjua
Brij Janjua Real Estate Agent Vision Homes QLD P. 0450088239 M. 0450088239

Brij Janjua – Business owner, cook, chef and entrepreneur. With an extremely high level of client satisfaction in the hospitality industry; it was a natural progression that saw Brij looking after his clients the same way in Real Estate. Specialising in New Builds and customised builds, Brij believes Brisbane is like a spicy Beef Vindaloo – ready to heat up! His views are that the next 5 years will see a 20% growth in a couple of key suburbs.

Brij has lived in Brisbane for over 13 years, His local knowledge is an important factor in knowing which suburbs are likely to see future growth and imperative when choosing a place to build your new home.

Jojo Ortiz
Jojo Ortiz Sales Executive at Vision Homes QLD P. 0433 773 551 M. 0433 773 551

Jojo made the transition into real estate world after many years of working for Australia Post.
His passion in serving people has motivated him to join the real estate industry.
Service that is based on honesty, dedication, positivity and high standard of ethics are his main core standard.

He believes that it is a privilege to be able to sell houses that turns into homes for families or investment opportunities to investors. He will endeavour to give you a stress free and positive experience to create a long term relationship in a trustworthy environment.

His approach incorporates many facets in selling, from face to face, social media and technology which are key factors in this day and age to help achieve goals and move forward. Jojo is friendly, helpful, approachable and sincere. He is an advocate for buyers and sellers alike.

Rudy Ybanez
Rudy Ybanez Sales Executive of Vision Homes QLD P. 0488000124 M. 0488000124

Where you live becomes the centre of your universe; your “home base” and a place where memories are made.

Whether you’re buying or selling, after an investment property or your first home, Rudy Ybanez is the expert you’ll want by your side. You can expect knockout sales from him that’s for sure! He will go above and beyond for your needs. Having sold both existing homes and new builds, we can’t think of anything Rudy wouldn’t be able to help you with. His strong knowledge of the Logan area, background in sales and interest in marketing makes Rudy a gun at what he does! He even knows a thing or two in photography and videography – cue selling your property in record time!

Call Rudy now!

Kiran Prasain
Kiran Prasain Sales Executive at Vision Homes QLD P. 0415282585 M. 0415282585

If it was a game of cricket; Kiran would be considered an all-rounder with a bonus multi-lingual and cultural understanding from local communities. With experience in residential sales, new builds and training and selling at two previous agencies – Kiran brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients. Specialising in Bracken Ridge and surrounds he is one of the up and coming agents to keep an eye out for. His strong passion for real estate drives him to learn more about his chosen profession with an attitude that there is always something he can learn. Even when walking the local neighbourhood, he is always keeping an eye out on the streets of Bracken Ridge which has emerged as a highly sought after suburb.
This local knowledge coupled with the latest real estate technology and a sizeable social media network – Kiran is a modern-day agent with old school ethics.
Whether listing your house for sale or building a new one – contact Kiran on 0415 282 585 for all your real estate needs.

Richard Holliman
Richard Holliman Sales Executive of Vision Homes QLD P. 0434897279 M. 0434897279
Letty Desacola
Letty Desacola Sales Executive of Vision Homes QLD P. 0431 221 831 M. 0431221831

Thrilled by the opportunity to solve everyday negotiations & assist people in the biggest financial decisions of their lives, Letty takes care of each client the same as she would a friend – with respect, honesty & genuine hard work for the best possible outcome.

Letty comes from a wealth of customer service & Life experience and her enthusiasm for her profession and desire to do the absolute very best by her clients are clearly evident from the out-set. Extremely passionate about property, Letty is a Licenced Real Estate Agent and Local Community Supporter.

Demonstrating a highly ethical and caring approach to her work, she takes pride in providing excellent customer service. She finds that there is nothing more exhilarating than being able to facilitate a sale that brings utmost happiness and joy to all parties involved.

Letty has a sociable, friendly, sincere, and professional nature and has an inherent ability to make her clients feel relaxed and at ease, which compliments her devotion to excellence and is industrious to ensure all of our valued clients are our number one priority.

Call Letty on 0431 221 831 for assistance with planning your next move.

Tegan Hudak
Tegan Hudak Referral Partner of Vision Homes QLD P. 0424 554 373 M. 0424 554 373

Tegan has a reputation for putting people first. She has a vast range of connections within the trade and property industry, having renovated multiple properties over the last 12 years and more recently undertaking a subdivision and new build on the Northside of Brisbane.

With a background in project management, and as a registered real estate agent, Tegan’s focus is on new house and land builds throughout Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich areas. Whether you are undertaking your first property project or a seasoned property mogul, you will find Tegan’s experience and network an asset to any new home build and property project.

Eric Ybañez
Eric Ybañez Referral Partner of Vision Homes QLD P. 0498175634 M. 0498175634

Hi, my name is Eric Ybañez. I am the newest member of Vision Homes Real Estate. I come from a health background, having worked as a registered nurse for twenty years both in the private & public sector. I have a strong customer service focus & genuinely care about people. I have great communication skills which include the ability to actively listen to my clients in order to understand their needs, their dreams & their goals. I have a strong sales background working in a family business in the 80’s & 90’s. I also have a background in buying, renovating & selling property in the 90’s till the early 2000’s. Joining Vision Homes is the fulfillment of a long-held dream. Joining Vision Homes allows me to combine my passion for real estate & my passion for helping people. If you’re selling, I can help you get the best price possible. If you’re buying, whether it is an established home or a new build, l can find you a house or a home design that best suit your needs & budget. If you choose me as your agent, I will leave no stone unturned to get you the best outcome possible. So contact me & together we can make your dreams come true.

Peter Qin
Peter Qin Director Vision Homes Wealth Property P. 0420 460 148 M. 0420460148

Peter Qin is a real estate industry leader. Chinese buyers have a strong presence in the Queensland marketplace and Peter is able converse fluently in Chinese. With more than $50m in property sales, Peter is the agent you want in your corner when it comes to negotiation time. Great photos attract buyers and most agents can sell. However a master negotiator understands that every word you speak from the moment you meet a buyer is imperative to the end result.

Don’t settle for an agent who bombards your mailbox with leaflets about how good they are. Choose and agent like Peter Qin whose results are proven.

Action speaks louder than words – Act now and call Peter to appraise and sell your property.

Norman Newbery
Norman Newbery Sales Executive of Vision Homes - Dixie Morante P. 0473 737 284 M. 0473 737 284

I’ve had a passion for real estate since I bought my first home in 2012. I thought to myself, “Wow that was a very joyful experience.” And now that I’m in real estate, I hope to bring that joyfulness and long, lasting bond for my clients. We can’t just go out into the world and buy a home everyday, (though that would be spectacular), but we can go out everyday into the world and spread joy. Like the saying goes, “It only takes a moment to create a moment.”

Cristina Celestial
Cristina Celestial Referral Partner of Vision Homes Property P. 0427 704 930 M. 0427 704 930

Coming from an award-winning real estate career in Manila, I arrived in this fabulous city of Brisbane in 2016.
My Philippines career offered me an opportunity to learn and understand the importance of customer service and importantly making a good income.
Arriving in Brisbane, I immediately completed a Real Estate Licence course and diligently researched the real estate industry. My passion to work in this industry is insatiable.
I enjoy the challenge of listing and selling, particularly helping people find their dream property.
Having worked with Harcourts under the watchful eye of a learned Principal, I soon learnt the way forward in Queensland real estate.
Presently I am finalizing my studies in Interior Design. I know that this passion will compliment my career passion to succeed in real estate here in Brisbane.

Parveen Kumar
Parveen Kumar Sales Executive at Vision Homes QLD P. 0425214979 M. 0425214979