Rachel Butterworth
Rachel Butterworth Director - Property Management P. 0423037303 M. 0423037303

Rachel has been a Property Professional since 2004. Her extensive experience in heading large Property Management teams is what drives her passion to exceed client expectations.

You see, Rachel is all too familiar with the challenges both investors and tenants endure when they are dealing with an inefficient Rental Manager.

She’s heard all the usual complaints like “they never return my calls”, “they make all these promises but never actually deliver on them” and “my Property Manager should have known that!” – She cringes every time.
Rachel is different. She doesn’t just look at Property Management as a job. Or commission for that matter as some do!

She deeply values what an investment property means to an owner and that it often is their very lively-hood!

That is why she does everything she possibly can to make sure she is on top of everything – Tenanting a property promptly!, sorting out all the legal obligations, making sure thorough inspections are performed regularly and actually keeping you up to date to a level that YOU are happy with.

So get in touch with the best Property Manager in South East QLD. She’s patiently waiting to deliver the kind of customer service that can only be described as “exceptional.”

Kim Sio
Kim Sio Business Development Manager P. 0430992454 M. 0430992454

Kim Sio is an accomplished Real Estate agent armed with over 13 years experience in the real estate industry.

Renowned for strategic acumen, Kim has consistently driven business growth and forged lasting partnerships within the dynamic real estate industry.

A seasoned professional, Kim combines a deep understanding of market trends with a proven ability to cultivate client relationships, ensuring success in diverse and competitive markets.

Kim loves the evolving real estate industry and providing her clients with a personalised service and positive outcome!